Solution Guide: Transaction Documentation

identitii’s Transaction Documentation solution digitises the collection and exchange of documents required for financial transactions. Documents can be reviewed, commented and amended until a final version is indexed and linked to relevant transactions, reducing time spent on manual processes and lowering the volume of physical documents received over-the-counter. The solution enables document sharing and auditability across operational systems and channels, removing information silos.

identitii Serra is an append-only federated database management system that supports robust permissioning and an immutable, verifiable audit trail. Leveraging the best parts of distributed ledger technology, relational and graph databases, it enables the secure and auditable exchange of information between systems, branches and institutions.

Serra can be leveraged to solve challenges in document-intensive operations such as cross-border payments,
trade finance, and trade settlement

Unique end-to-end transaction tokens create a transaction timeline and audit trail across legacy information silos, reducing operational risk and inefficiency

Secure APIs enable document acquisition and storage to provide an integrated customer experience for corporates

Provide easy access to documents and attributes required across a range of operational teams and systems

Reduce overheads from processing high volumes of physical documents received over-the-counter by collecting documents via channel or API

Reduce operator time spent resolving document discrepancies by enabling electronic pre-review and direct comments

Enable multiple documents to be attached to a transaction or many transactions assigned to a document; allow allocation of value from supporting documents to a transactio

identitii’s Transaction Documentation solution provides APIs and connectors for receiving documents from multiple channels

Buyer applies Letter of Credit

Buyer applies a Letter of Credit.


Bank team initiates a request for documentation.


Buyer submits document to channel; Bank and customer comment or amend until document is approved.


Buyer’s bank issues a Letter of Credit for Supplier’s bank.

Supplier submits documents showing satisfaction of Letter of Credit

Bank notifies supplier of Letter of Credit arrival.


Supplier submits document to show satisfaction of Letter of Credit.


Document is sent to Buyer’s bank.


Money is transferred.

Product Features

identitii’s product can be provided to support single branch, multi-branch and multi-bank configurations

Transaction documentation features implemented in a web application Transaction documentation APIs connected across branches or affiliates Transaction documentation APIs connected across branches or affiliates
Core application
Append-only database for storing records of document-related operations and demonstrating document provenance
Tokenisation & indexing engine supporting fast access across multi-related documents & transactions
Workflow management for document requests, document submissions and document versions.
Customisable templates for requesting documents by transaction type, demonstrated value, etc.
Search engine based on Elastic Search
Audit trail: digital stamp on events for internal auditors and regulators
User interface
Submit documents in response to document requests
Collect supporting documents with file sizes of up to 1GB
Review documents with version support and comments
Manage and track the utilization of value-demonstrating documents
Review authoritative history of document-related operations
Search RFI and documentation by keywords and plain-text
API/SDK integration
Enable integration with banks channels: web portals, and mobile apps
Interfaces for transaction processing systems, workflow/case management systems, and ECMSs for integrating document processing operations
Connectors for file management systems, IBM FileNet Enterprise Content Management
Multi-Channel Document Ingestion
Adaptors for document capture via email
ERP integration for document capture
Connectors for document exchange using FileACT
Connectivity with other identitii Solutions
Transaction Documentation solution can be bridged with other instances of Serra to enable auditable and secured transaction processes

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