Bob’s Guide Software Rankings Recognise Identitii in Hotly Contested Data Management Category

First blockchain company to be named as leading Data Management provider

Identitii has been named one of the top three Data Management providers globally, in Bob’s Guide’s 2019 annual Software Rankings. Identitii beat strong competition in the hotly contested category to come in second, after being judged against other providers in the areas of sector, functionality, product and service strength. This is the first time a company that uses blockchain and tokenisation in their approach has been recognised in this category.

Unlike other industry awards, the Bob’s Guide Software Rankings are judged by the industry, with nominations submitted by market participants based on their experience and knowledge of working with the nominated companies.

Identitii CEO Nick Armstrong said, “We are thrilled to be included in such a prestigious list and to have the hard work of our team recognised by the market. Identitii handles data differently, using tokenisation and blockchain to allow our customers to enhance exiting systems rather than rip and replace. This is key for financial institutions, where the risk of data loss or truncation is real and has significant reporting consequences. We believe this is the future of data management and that this award is a key step towards the wider recognition of the benefits of blockchain in the industry.”

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