Identitii's FY20 Annual General Meeting

The health and safety of our team, shareholders and other stakeholders is Identitii’s highest priority. Accordingly, Identitii’s FY20 AGM will be held virtually.

Hard copies of the Notice of the 2020 AGM are not being mailed, in accordance with temporary modifications to the Corporations Act under the Corporations (Coronavirus Economic Response) Determination (No. 1) 2020. To view the Notice of Meeting, please download it below.

When registering, please include the full name of your holding of Identitii shares.  Shareholders will have the ability to ask questions and direct vote at the meeting, however we do encourage prior lodgement of proxies and submission of questions, the later of which can be done below.

Thank you,

The Identitii Investor Relations Team

[email protected]


Wednesday, 21 October 2020
11am AEST

Submit questions in advance

Proxy voting information


Shareholders are strongly encouraged to vote by lodging a directed proxy appointing the Chairman before 11.00am, 19 October 2020 using the following instructions:

STEP 1: Visit

STEP 2: Enter your Postcode (if within Australia) OR Country of Residence (if outside Australia)

STEP 3: Enter your Voting Access Code (VAC) – as contained in attached proxy

STEP 4: Follow the prompts to vote on each resolution.


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