Join Identitii at the Australian Financial Crime Summit

Nick Armstrong, CEO and Co-Founder, Identitii
Nathan Lynch, Non-Executive Director, Identitii

Join Nick Armstrong and Nathan Lynch on-stage at the Australian Financial Crime Summit as they discuss the importance of balancing the increasing amount of insight required for every transaction, with complex internal reporting systems that are often managed at a global level.

The session will highlight how compliance and FCC teams are trying to collect and share this complex data while maintaining compliance and ensuring data integrity.

Identitii is hosting a session at the Australian Financial Crime Summit this month, that will examine this and other topics including:

  • Know Your Transaction (KYT) compliance and how it interacts with KYC
  • Maintaining data integrity across systems and message formats
  • Third party reporting and correspondent banking relationships
  • ISO 20022 adoption plans and the impact on reporting systems
  • KYT information sharing and moving on from email and fax
  • Demystifying blockchain for AML/CTF reporting


Australian Financial Crime Summit
Parkview Hotel
Melbourne, Australia


February 18, 2020

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High profile cases mean 14,865 AUSTRAC reporting entities are under a spotlight.

The data you need for reporting is available, but is often inaccurate, with no single source of truth or visibility across silos and legacy technology systems.

This is complicated when reporting is done via a third party or when local regulatory reporting is handled through a centralised, global system that isn’t managed in Australia.

Join Identitii at the Australian Financial Crime Summit to learn about how our Overlay+ platform can work with existing reporting systems to help AUSTRAC reporting entities improve visibility across systems and get reporting right first time.

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