Identitii is helping banks, payment networks and financial services businesses around the world to quickly and easily share information via its patented blockchain-based global ecosystem for financial information.

Securely share payments information regardless of payment rail or currency type

Improve the speed and transparency of cross-border payments

Use analytics to generate new insights, new products, and new revenue

Unlock new insights and unleash exponential value within your data

Patent NumberUS 10 984 413 B2

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Tranche 2 reforms likely: how will they affect you?

Australia trails behind many other jurisdictions when it comes to their AML laws for gatekeeper professions. As one of only three developed countries without comprehensive regulations for tranche 2 entities, Australia remains susceptible to exploitation from criminals. With pressure on the government to make meaningful changes, improved legislation is imminent—but what does this mean for you?

2022: The Year of AML and Compliance in Review

Despite the exaggerated headlines and technological advancements, financial crime continues to grow. Legacy technology, widespread adoption of digital payments, and unregulated crypto are creating new

ISO 20022: Migration Updates

Migration to the new ISO 20022 payment standard has been widely anticipated for several years. With expected benefits like rich data and improved operational efficiency,


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