A new platform to reduce regulatory risk, without replacing legacy technology


A new platform for Intelligent Information Exchange

Improve financial communications using blockchain and tokenisation

A single, digital platform that brings structure and transparency to data

  • Other Institutions
  • API
  • Internal Teams
  • Legacy Systems
  • Customers
  • Other Institutions
  • API
  • Internal Teams
  • Legacy Systems
  • Customers


Bring legacy system together, accelerate digital transformation, improve customer experience and avoid costly technology upgrades

Increased auditability

Create a complete and auditable record of activity related to a transaction for regulatory reporting or internal compliance


Reduce reliance on spreadsheets, email and fax with a secure way to request and collect any type of information

Increase transparency

Take structured and unstructured data from across systems and silos and create a complete and auditable timeline of activity related to a transaction

Reduce Regulatory Burden

Bring structure to unstructured data, and make it easy to identify, search, and share information as it is needed to reduce settlement times and improve reporting compliance

  • Other Institutions
  • API
  • RPA Platforms
  • Legacy Systems
  • Customers

How it works

Overlay Approach
Overlays on top of existing and emerging technology infrastructure to enhance functionality without rip and replace
Cryptographic identifiers represent and permission access to an auditable record of events related to a transaction
API Interface
Overlay+ sits in the application layer and connects via API for faster time to market
Permissioned Web Portal
Secure and user friendly collection and sharing of information either internally or with trusted third parties
Secure Data Exchange
Combine the latest encryption standards and integration with existing communication channels to create a secure path for information
Email Client Integration
Seamless integration with email clients allows requests for information to be sent and received in a familiar user experience, without the associated risks
Data Validation
Event sourcing creates a single auditable view of information from across systems, formats and silos
Flexible Deployment
Cloud, hybrid or on-premise models
Suite of APIs
Third party APIs such as sanctions checks, RPA and OCR are integrated into Overlay+ to provide an end-to-end partner ecosystem within the platform

Why Overlay+

Not just between organisations, but internally or with customers. Overlay+ enhances existing communication channels

Have purpose of payment information available at the time a payment is made to make it easier to detect fraud and money laundering

No costly rip and replace. Make what is already in place work to meet the needs of today’s banks and corporates

Create an auditable, time-stamped and tamper-proof record of all activity related to a transaction 

More payments settled first time provide increased confidence in cash flow and allow banks and corporates to provide a better service to customers

Partner integrations available from within Overlay+  provide access to added value applications all via a single API

API Integrations

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