Solutions for Regulatory Reporting

Know Your Transaction

Reporting will never make you money

But how you collect, store and share transaction data with regulators - including AUSTRAC - can reduce the compliance burden

Reporting powered by Overlay+

Manage the increasing volume of transaction data required by regulators using blockchain and tokenisation, without impacting core systems

Know Your Transaction

Collect and collate transaction information, with data and documents able to be securely stored on the blockchain

Single, shared source of truth

Bring data and documents from internal systems and external sources together for a single view of activity

Improved case management

Quickly resolve exceptions and trace both submitted reports and past transactions via an auditable timeline

Auditable and timestamped

Create an auditable and unalterable record of all transaction data and associated activity using blockchain and tokenisation

How it works

Blockchain and tokenisation enhance existing reporting systems and ensure you have the information you need about any transaction, when you need it. And that all transaction data can be securely shared internally or to third parties as required.

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Collect, store and securely share transaction data internally or with regulators in real-time.

Use Case

More accurate IFTI and TTR reporting for AUSTRAC

Banks that conduct business in Australia are required to report transaction data to AUSTRAC under its mandate to reduce financial crime. 

Today, this often requires sourcing data from disparate systems internally to gain a complete picture of a transaction, and with volumes continuing to increase, the burden of reporting will only get higher. 

Reporting, powered by Overlay+ simplifies AUSTRAC reporting for the 14,000 entities required to provide International Fund Transfer Instructions (IFTI) and Threshold Transaction Reports (TTR). It overlays on top of existing technology systems to create a single, srhead source of truth for transaction data, reducing operational costs and simplifying reporting.

Key Features

From any data source to your internal systems and onwards


Identitii Tokens permission access and reduce high risk touch points


Auditable, verifiable and tamper-proof private blockchain


Transaction data is available when you need it

Single API

Easy integration with existing systems for seamless reporting

Intelligent Integrations

An agile digital workforce that frees your best people to focus on high value task

Easily and securely request information from third parties via Identitii’s plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Turn unstructured data into structured data records on the private blockchain

Enabling Know Your Transaction for banks and corporates

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