Foreign Exchange

Create an end-to-end digital information workflow for FX transaction information, freeing internal teams to focus on high value tasks

Trading emerging market currencies today

Foreign Exchange trading in capital controlled markets requires an ever increasing amount of information, with every jurisdiction imposing its own specific documentation requirements

  • Fragmented systems that don't communicate
  • Data sharing via unsecure email, spreadsheet and fax
  • Settlement risk and high cost of capital provisioning
  • Different documents for every jurisdiction
  • Manual processes, chasing clients for documentation
  • Transaction and customer data sits in silos

Introducing Overlay+

A digital information lifecycle using existing technology architecture

Reduce settlement risk, improve customer experience and increase profitability of Foreign Exchange platforms, without rearchitecting systems

Create a single digital workflow for transaction information

Bring FX, Payment and Customer systems together in a single digital workflow that spans the entire trade lifecycle

Have the right information for the currencies being traded

Automatically request the right information  according to the currency pair, to improve settlement times and ensure compliance

Manage overhangs and payment exceptions

Automate management of overhangs, streamlining customer outreach when payment to invoice exceptions occur

Enable segmentation of high value customers

Enable internal teams to focus on high value customers by automating common tasks


  • Single digital workflow for transaction information
  • Automated identification of regulatory information based on the currency pair
  • Seamless data collection from internal systems
  • Auditable dashboard of all transactions
  • Four eyes approval, with manual override
  • Automated or manual client communication using existing channels


  • Meet regulatory requirements for any jurisdiction
  • Open previously unavailable currency corridors
  • Free internal teams to focus on on high value tasks
  • Automate collection of information
  • Auditable record of activity and status
  • Real-time activity status per transaction
  • Reduce settlement risk and capital provisioning

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Use Case

Lowering opportunity cost for a global bank

Corporate and institutional FX clients are demanding more flexibility in FX products and services.  

The challenge for many financial institutions is that underlying pre and post-trade FX platforms are often interlinked with disparate payment and customer systems, making it difficult to ensure you have the transaction level information you need when you need it. This is particularly true when trading with capital restricted markets which require additional documentation to flow to regulators before a trade can be settled, and often results in the decision to not support these currency pairs, leaving valuable revenue to someone else.

Identitii’s FX solution overlays on top of existing systems, creating a single source of truth for transaction information. It automates a large part of the collection and management of trade documentation, enabling sales teams to focus on high value customers and lowering opportunity costs. 

Know Your Transaction

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