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Maintain data integrity across payment systems and formats

ISO 20022 Migration Solutions

The world's payment systems are adopting ISO 20022. How banks manage this transition depends on legacy systems and their ability to maintain the integrity of data as it moves between systems and formats.

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Overlay+ simplifies ISO 20022 adoption using existing payment systems

Securely share structured or unstructured settlement data along with clearing, remittance and regulatory reporting information, regardless of format, message type or end user

Maintain data integrity during translation

No data is truncated or lost during message translation as Know Your Transaction information travels with a payment message outside of the payment payload.

Meet migration timetables

Provide an unalterable, tamper-proof audit trail of activity across existing infrastructure, ensuring more confidence in every transaction.

Enhance legacy systems

Adopt ISO without costly technology upgrades, where any change to interlinked core systems can lead to failure, downtime and loss of data.

Add rich settlement data to payments

Securely share settlement data along with remittance, clearing and regulatory reporting data and documents with the payment using blockchain and TokenIDs.

Collect settlement information at initiation

Automatically verify settlement documents are available at payment initiation, as opposed to after the payment has been sent.

Ensure complete data records for reporting

Ensure all data is available for reporting to FATF and other regulators as no data is lost during translation.

How it works

Capture rich information and carry it with a payment message from end-to-end, including during translation


Rich ISO 20022 payments without costly technology upgrades

  • Increase STP for corporates
  • Capture rich settlement information
  • Feed payment engines with unique TokenIDs
  • Improve payment reporting
  • Transmit documents directly from peer-to-peer
  • Translate between message formats without truncation

Key Features

From any data source to your internal systems


TokenIDs permission access and reduce high risk touch points


Auditable, verifiable and tamper-proof private blockchain


Share documents at the time a transaction is initiated

Single API

Third party integrations unlock value in the payments chain

Intelligent Integrations

An agile digital workforce that frees your best people to focus on high value tasks

Easily and securely request information from third parties via Identitii’s plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Turn unstructured data into structured data records on the private blockchain

Use Case

Enriching ISO 20022 messages

Nyhavn Bank is a large Danish bank that offers correspondent services for DKK and provides loro services and clearing for both DKK and EUR.

Performing transactions on Target 2, Nyhavn Bank must be ready to send and receive ISO messages by November 2021, so the bank looked at how to enable internal systems, currently sending MT messages, to accept and send the richer MX messages by the deadline.

A complete payment engine overhaul would be costly, so Nyhavn Bank is looking at translation services. Translating MT to MX is not a concern, as MX carries more data than MT. But when a rich MX message is received, carrying additional data such as ultimate creditor and debtor, a translation service risks losing the additional data as it won’t fit in the MT format, making it difficult for Nyhavn Bank to fulfil reporting obligations to FATF, which require all data to be passed along the payment chain if it’s available.

Overlay+ allows Nyhavn Bank to upload and carry rich data and documents outside the payment message itself, ensuring none of the rich data is lost during translation and ensuring it can be reported to regulators as required.

Faster payments using existing technology infrastructure

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