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Open Banking Solutions For Corporate Payments

Open Banking is an opportunity for banks to create more choice for corporate customers. To retain revenue while remaining compliant, banks must provide a better service than the competition. And that means communicating better both internally and with trusted-third parties.

Solutions for Open Banking

Secure information exchange

Exchange data with TTPs securely using blockchain and tokenisation. Innovate while reducing the risk of opening up internal systems

Data privacy & compliance

Cryptographic keys maintain a secure, permissioned ecosystem ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and ultimate trust in data

Enhanced payments

Settle faster thanks to information on the purpose, origin and beneficiaries of a transaction being available when you need it

How it works

Identitii Tokens cryptographically represent data, travelling with a transaction over existing payment networks

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Create a real-time data ecosystem to remain compliant and competitive in the new open banking ecosystem

Key Features

From any data source to your internal systems


Identitii Tokens permission access and reduce high risk touch points


Auditable, verifiable and tamper-proof private blockchain


Share documents at the time a transaction is made

Single API

Third party integrations unlock the Open Banking value chain

Intelligent Integrations

An agile digital workforce that frees your best people to focus on high value task

Easily and securely request information from third parties via Identitii’s plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Turn unstructured data into structured data records on the private blockchain

Use Case

Real-time data for customer centric solutions

The opportunity to help your corporate customers optimise for Open Banking and API innovation in payments has never been simpler. Overlay+ enables banks to provide access to innovative banking services from other TTPs, all via a single API that brings together technology leaders from areas such as RPA, risk and compliance and cloud.

Identitii can help corporate banks become what Accenture termed ‘innovative data traders’, by providing secure, auditable access to partners that help corporates improve their payments operations.

A real-time data ecosystem for Open Banking

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