Our Solutions

Reducing regulatory risk for institutions, executives and regulators

What we do

Identitii takes structured and unstructured data from across systems and silos, creating a single, transparent and auditable view of regulatory information

Enhance auditability

Have a single view of all reportable and non-reportable transactions, including underlying data, and know what has been reported and why

Increase automation

Overlay existing systems with a secure, digital platform that eliminates high risk manual processes such as email, fax and spreadsheet

Improve trust

Improve AML maturity by having the right KYC, KYCC and KYT information when you need it, to meet settlement and reporting obligations

How it works

Tokenisation and an overlay approach brings multiple legacy systems together into a single platform, creating a complete and auditable record of events related to a transaction

Foreign Exchange

Create an end-to-end digital information workflow for transaction information, freeing internal teams to focus on high value tasks

AUSTRAC Reporting

Automate identification of reportable and non-reportable transactions, and create an auditable view of reporting obligations 

ISO 20022 Adoption

Securely share structured or unstructured information regardless of format, message type or end user

Use Cases

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