Solutions To Enrich Payment Messages

Identitii doesn't just use blockchain to change how banks and corporates exchange information.

We are helping to reduce the $2 trillion a year currently laundered through financial systems, while helping our clients provide a better service to their own customers.

What we do

Quite simply, we use blockchain and Identitii Tokens to enable banks and corporates to know more about the transactions they do, as they are doing them.

Financial Crime Compliance

Know Your Transaction goes beyond KYC to provide confidence in each transaction, not just who you transact with

Open Banking

More data at your fingertips means more customer centric offerings and better customer retention

Enhanced Payments

Reduce false positives and manual processing as more information travels with a payment on existing networks

Corporate Treasury

Increase cash flow and provide a better customer service with documents allowing real-time settlement

Use Cases

The Identitii Token.
Secure information sharing.

Permission access to trusted third parties to ensure data integrity, audibility and security

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