Automate IFTI, TTR and SMR reporting

Ensure complete and accurate AUSTRAC reporting via a single platform that securely manages transaction data internally, and to the regulator
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AUSTRAC Reporting Today

Identifying IFTI, TTR and SMR transactions is highly manual, increasing the risk of financial crime and non-compliance

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Reduce the risk of non-compliance

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To learn more about the top five data challenges facing AUSTRAC reporting entities today, download the discussion paper

Use Case

More accurate IFTI and TTR reporting for AUSTRAC

Banks that conduct business in Australia are required to report transaction data to AUSTRAC under its mandate to reduce financial crime. 

Today, this often requires sourcing data from disparate systems internally to gain a complete picture of a transaction, and with volumes continuing to increase, the burden of reporting will only get higher. 

Reporting, powered by Overlay+ simplifies AUSTRAC reporting for the 14,000 entities required to provide International Fund Transfer Instructions (IFTI) and Threshold Transaction Reports (TTR). It overlays on top of existing technology systems to create a single, shared source of truth for transaction data, reducing operational costs and simplifying reporting.

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