Reducing cost and risk in correspondent banking

Regulatory fragmentation and stringent AML and KYC/KYCC requirements are increasing the cost and risk of managing correspondent banking relationships. The result is a 22% decline in active correspondents since 2011, particularly in markets where transaction volumes aren’t high enough to offset the cost of compliance.

Reducing the risk of correspondent banking, by improving local transparency and compliance

Maintaining AML, KYC and KYCC compliance across different jurisdictions is an increasing information burden, complicated by legacy technology and manual processes

Introducing Overlay+
Reversing the correspondent banking decline

Bridge the gap between the growing demand from regulators to see more information about financial transactions and the inability of legacy technology to securely exchange critical information

How it works

Overlay existing technology systems to create a single, transparent and auditable view of information. Ensure complete and accurate AML/CTF reporting internally, and create a standardised network for financial crime information sharing with respondent bank partners.



Identitii won the Sibos 2020 Discover Pitch Perfect Competition for helping reverse the correspondent banking decline. Read the winning pitch on our blog or watch the video below.

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