For Enhanced Payments

Know Your Transaction

Solutions To Enrich Payments With Data And Documents

Manual processing and payment investigations cost banks US $120 million per day. Existing payment rails do a good job of settlement, but don't allow information about the purpose of a payment to travel with a message. By overlaying a private blockchain and Identitii Tokens on top of existing and emerging payment networks, more information can travel with a message, allowing faster settlement and reducing manual processing.

Solutions to Enhance Payments

Legacy overlay

Enhance the payment rails with Know Your Transaction information overlaid on top of existing infrastructure, speeding up settlement and reducing financial crime

Correspondent banking

Provide an unalterable, tamper-proof audit trail of activity across existing infrastructure, ensuring more confidence in every transaction

Know Your Transaction

Settle faster thanks to information on the purpose, origin and beneficiaries of a transaction being available when you need it

How it works

Identitii Tokens cryptographically represent data, travelling with a transaction over existing payment networks

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Securely share rich information about a payment internally or with trusted third parties

Key Features

From any data source to your internal systems


Identitii Tokens permission access and reduce high risk touch points


Auditable, verifiable and tamper-proof private blockchain


Share documents at the time a transaction is made

Single API

Third party integrations unlock the payments value chain

Intelligent Integrations

An agile digital workforce that frees your best people to focus on high value tasks

Easily and securely request information from third parties via Identitii’s plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Turn unstructured data into structured data records on the private blockchain

Use Case

Enhance the payment rails​

Legacy payment networks like SWIFT, ACH and RTGS aren’t going anywhere. They are embedded in banking architecture and play their role, to move payments from one place to another, well.

The lack of information travelling with a payment however, results in up to 8% of SWIFT payments being held up for manual investigations, costing banks US $120million a day.

Identitii’s Overlay+ was built to enhance existing payment rails, so banks don’t have to rip and replace, but can still benefit from information related to a payment travelling with the SWIFT message. This means faster settlement, less false positives and less manual processing.

Faster payments using existing technology infrastructure

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