Reducing Financial Crime

Know Your Transaction

Solutions To Improve Financial Crime Compliance

US $2 trillion is laundered through the financial system every year. To reduce financial crime and avoid costly fines, banks must share more information internally and with trusted third-parties. But email and fax are risky and legacy infrastructure doesn’t allow information to be exchanged securely at the time of a transaction. Identitii’s Overlay+ enables Know Your Transaction for banks and corporates using a private blockchain and tokenisation.

Solutions to Reduce Financial Crime

Know Your Transaction

Settle faster thanks to information on the purpose, origin and beneficiaries of a transaction being available when you need it

Anti-money laundering

Have confidence in the transactions you do, not just who you transact with. Open up new banking channels thanks to increased visibility

Fraud and risk reduction

Overlay+ has created an ecosystem of best in class technology partners that allow sanctions checks and document verification from within the platform

How it works

Identitii Tokens cryptographically represent data, travelling with a transaction over existing payment networks

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Go beyond KYC to enable the secure sharing of information about the origin, purpose and beneficiaries of a transaction at the time it is made.

Key Features

From any data source to your internal systems 


Identitii Tokens permission access and reduce high risk touch points


Auditable, verifiable and tamper-proof private blockchain


Share documents at the time a transaction is made

Single API

Third party integrations unlock the compliance value chain

Intelligent Integrations

An agile digital workforce that frees your best people to focus on high value task

Easily and securely request information from third parties via Identitii’s plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Turn unstructured data into structured data records on the private blockchain

Use Case

Open new banking channels with KYT

Correspondent banks execute transactions on behalf of customers of other banks, making them reliant on the KYC processes of their banking partners. This lack of visibility has traditionally meant some banking partners are off limits, as their KYC processes may differ from your own. Overlay+ goes beyond KYC, to provide confidence in the origin, purpose and beneficiaries of a payment. Identitii calls it Know Your Transaction.

With more visibility into transaction level detail, banks can have more confidence in their correspondent banking partners, allowing them to open previously unavailable channels for their customers.​

Enabling Know Your Transaction for banks and corporates

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