Helping information move with money
Identitii is improving the integrity of data as it moves around the global financial system
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Our vision is to create a safe, secure and trusted global financial system, without replacing existing technology infrastructure

How we do it

Collect, store and share transaction data with regulators, including AUSTRAC and for cover payments, to reduce the compliance burden.

Open Banking

Simplify Open Banking and generate new value from data, connecting securely to existing internal or third party systems via API.

Manage the transition to ISO 20022 with existing systems by  maintaining data integrity as it moves between systems and formats.

Enhance existing receivables and treasury systems to add information to payments and reduce the cash conversion cycle.

Trusted financial information sharing

Securely exchange purpose of payment and KYC information as a transaction happens, without replacing the rails.


A connected ecosystem for financial information

Secure Data Exchange

Permissioned access for trusted third parties

Private Blockchain

Data integrity, auditability and security

Unified View of Data

Empower informed decisions on the spot

Tamper-proof Audit Trail

Secure and accessible data

Normalise and Transform Data Formats

OCR, structured data storage and enterprise search across systems

Tokenised Data Exchange

Sensitive data represented by unique Identitii Tokens

Seamless Integration

Technology and platform agnostic

Real-Time API Integration

Seamless integration with third party
systems via API

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Connecting financial institutions, companies and regulators to the information they need to process, reconcile and report on transactions

US $2 trillion

Laundered globally each year

US $120 million

Daily cost of payment investigations

US $9 trillion

Liquidity locked up on balance sheets

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Great initiative by @AUSTRAC to help those escaping from family and domestic violence. Prevention of #fincrime is about protecting its victims and this will make a big difference via @JoyceMoullakis @australian

#Identitii is creating a new connected ecosystem for payments information, without replacing the rails. The problem we solve isn’t moving money. It is that detailed data can’t travel with payments using legacy systems. More data means less #ML #TF.

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The Identitii Token.
Secure information sharing.

Permission access to trusted third parties to ensure data integrity, audibility and security

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