Reducing regulatory risk
Without replacing legacy technology
Find out how
Reducing regulatory risk
Without replacing legacy technology
Find out how

The regulatory burden facing financial institutions is increasing. Organisations encounter large fines, reputational damage and even personal gaol time for executives, if compliance isn't complete and accurate

The rising cost of regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance today

80% of data used by financial institutions is unstructured, and spread across legacy technology systems, making it difficult to trust that you have a complete picture

  • No single source of truth across systems and formats
  • Fragmented systems that don't communicate
  • Data sharing via unsecure email, spreadsheet and fax
  • Structured and unstructured data
  • Transaction and customer data sits in silos
  • Manual processes, chasing clients for documentation

How we reduce regulatory risk

For Institutions

Automate how you identify reportable and non-reportable transactions, and create a single, auditable view of regulatory obligations

For Executives

Create an auditable record of client, transaction and reporting data from across systems and formats, so you know reporting is complete

Simplify interactions with reporting entities via a single dashboard that ensures the right transactions are reported on time

Regulatory Risk Insights

Reducing the human impact of financial crime

At Sibos 2020, Identitii is helping celebrate the positive impact FinTech’s and RegTech’s are having on society, from improving financial inclusion to reducing the human impact of financial crime. Read an excerpt from our competition entry here.

Reg Reporting and Cloud Migration

Accenture identified regulatory reporting as one of the top three legacy tech intensive processes that could benefit from cloud migration, with 40% of respondents citing it as the leading use-case

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