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Eliminate AML/CTF compliance risk
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At Identitii, we believe AML and CTF compliance should be easy and automated, to better help prevent financial crime

AML/CTF compliance today

80% of data used by financial institutions is unstructured, and spread across legacy technology systems, making it difficult to trust that you have a complete picture

How we can help

Identitii automates how you identify, collect, report and store transaction information, so that payments can be processed quickly and AML and CTF compliance is streamlined


Connect existing payment, reporting and customer systems so you have a single view of transactions across your entire business


Replace manual processes and spreadsheets with secure digital workflows built on pre-defined business and regulatory rules


Securely request and share transaction information in any format internally, with counterparties or regulators


Manage transaction data internally, or to regulators including AUSTRAC, so you have a complete and accurate view of compliance

Put the right data, in the right hands at the right time

Know you have the information you need to perform financial crime due diligence internally, with counterparties or for regulators, without replacing existing systems

AUSTRAC reporting

Automate how you identify and report IFTI’s and TTR’s, with SMR’s on the way, and create a single, auditable view of regulatory obligations.

Have the right transaction information to reduce settlement delays and ensure financial crime compliance. Automate information requests.

News and Insights

Singapore Patent Approval Granted

Identitii has today received approval of its Patent in Singapore. The newly received approval covers Identitii’s longer term vision of a global ecosystem for secure

Rabobank Signs Five Year Licence Agreement

16 June 2022 – Identitii Limited (ASX:ID8) (‘Identitii’, ‘the Company’) is pleased to announce it has signed a five-year SLA with the Australian arm of

#Identitii has received #patent approval in Singapore for our invention of a global ecosystem for the secure sharing of financial transaction information. Singapore joins the US, who approved our patent in 2020. Read more here. $ID8

What makes Australia an attractive target for #moneylaundering? Why are our regulations lagging so far behind? And how do we affect change?

Luke Raven tackles these questions thoughtfully in a recent interview with @Sumsubcom.

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