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Improving how information moves with money

In three short years, our team solved a US $2 trillion problem using grit, a sense of humour and some amazing code. Our identitii is tied to theirs.

What’s your story?

We’re looking for people who will help us evolve and grow. And who we can do the same for in return.

"Identitii technology is being used by some of the biggest banks in the world, some of which have never implemented blockchain before. Working on innovations like this is huge opportunity for our team"

Jeremy Manoto, Head of User Experience, Identitii

Why us?

Help create our identitii

Who we are comes from our people

Lead the way​

Work on bold projects with a world class team ​

The technology advantage​

Awesome tech and the freedom to innovate​

Love what you do​

Learn and grow every day​

Forge a new path​

Work on real world implementations of blockchain​

Be part of something bigger​

Help reduce the US $2 trillion laundered every year​

Did we mention the private rooftop bar?

Diversity is in our DNA

At Identitii, inclusion and diversity are critical to creating an environment where we develop innovative solutions to real world problems for our customers. Our inclusive culture enriches our creativity, innovation and problem-solving abilities. We strive to create an exceptional global environment for everyone through our policies, systems and culture.

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Check out our current opportunities below. Don’t see anything right for you? Send us your CV anyway as we’re always looking for the next piece of our identitii.

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